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CAP Commercial Realty, LLC
Barbara Scroggins has been a Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker since 1983 with diverse  commercial real estate experience and achievements.
Barbara has managed, represented various multi-state property owners from a 2 million SF portfolio for Weingarten Realty Investors (public REIT) in the 90's to a portfolio of 16 large multi-tenant buildings for a private investor group since 2005.

As a Transaction Specialist, Barbara actively promotes and participates in development and re-development of commercial property and lease space for higher, better, more efficient use. 
Site Procurement includes nailing down successful locations for retail, food and service oriented businesses including Edward Jones, Weight Watchers, Dollar General, Spinal Aid Centers of America, Vista Training Centers, Cash for Gold & Jewelry, Artificial Limb and Brace Centers, Heartland Crop Insurance, J. D. Heiskell, Mewbourne Oil Company and many others
Client Representation ranges from small businesses, O&G companies to national entities such as Wells Fargo. 
Property Management centers around improvement of building services, tenant relations and occupancy, reduction of operating costs and improved NOI.  To accomplish this for building owners, properties are kept below 1,000,000 SF for quality service and focused attention for our clients and their properties.
Ms. Scroggins’ education and seasoned background in real estate brokerage, leasing, management and maintenance of commercial properties were meshed together in her 21st century approach to Capital Asset Protection for real estate...
CAP Commercial Realty. 
CAP is genuinely committed to clients and assertive to their needs. Long-term and short-term projects are  professionally and cost- effectively managed from beginning to end. 
 Barbara Scroggins, President and Broker