CAP Commercial Realty is a commercial real estate company that encourages Capital Asset Protection by providing premier management, maintenance, leasing, accounting, rehab and brokerage services to real estate owners, buyers, lenders, tenants and co-brokers for Office, Medical, Retail, Apartment and Industrial properties.
What can CAP do for you?
Help meet or beat your investment and business goals, increase NOI and CAP rate.
Investors and Lenders: Our Team of professionals utilize proven, economical approaches and apply them to improve a building's energy savings, services, tenant retention, occupancy and NOI. We consistently study assets, give realistic views and provide the best possible plan-of-action to stabilize, grow or sell your real estate asset, depending on short term need and long term objective.
Sellers: We research comparable sales, list your property through various MLS networks and present your real estate to prospective buyers.
Buyers: We obtain your purchase/financing criteria and locate logical properties of interest.
Tenants: We utilize RFP processes, evaluate costs VS savings and help you determine if leasing, relocation, build-to-suit or buying a building is best suited for your company.
Bottom Line: Whether you're a multi-million dollar enterprise, individual, financial institution or small company, we have a track record of 'common sense' applications that work for most situations. If you need someone to seriously evaluate your needs, protect your real estate business interests and strive to increase your 'bottom line', contact us.
What do Investors, Financial Institutions, Tenants and Businesses say about CAP? "As a direct result of CAP's efforts on our portfolio, we have successfully sold 5 of our 7 properties in the last three years!
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