"In August 2005, we entrusted five of our seven properties totaling over 584,000 square feet to CAP Commercial Realty. This included several high profile properties such as the Bank of America Building, Atmos Data Center and Wells Fargo Center. Based on the Quick improvement in the occupancy, appearance, maintenance, and operating costs of our properties, we added our two remaining properties, for a total of over 731,000 square feet of office and retail property under CAP's management and leasing.
As a direct result of CAP's efforts on our portfolio, we have successfully sold 5 of our 7 properties over the last three years! 
CAP still manages our remaining two properties representing approximately 191,000 SF of office and retail property.  Every party we sold a property to who hired an outside management company chose CAP to continue the management and leasing services, based on their historical performance and very positive feedback. I would highly recommend CAP Commercial Realty to anyone looking for real estate investment, management, leasing or brokerage services."
                                                                        Richard L. Fausset, Jr.  (2008)
                                                                        Fausset Neely Properties
 "If you feel your complex is not getting the attention and time it deserves from your current management company, then you can't go wrong with hiring CAP Commercial Realty to manage your important investment.  In 2009, I was struggling with decreasing occupancy, increasing tenant delinquency and growing A/P A/R that put my property into an unsustainable financial situation.  My property was stuck in a downward spiral and my current management company didn't appear to be overly concerned, even though some residents hadn't paid rent in 6 months!  It was during this time that I decided to make a change and hire CAP.
Within 6 months, CAP stabilized the property by evicting delinquent tenants, focusing on advertising, promptly replying to prospects and using a more rigorous tenant screening process.  Their excellent customer service attracted and retained better quality tenants which in turn improved the financial performance of my property.  It's profitable again thanks to CAP and I gladly recommend their services to other apartment owners. 
Robert Veizer - ACA  (2011)
               Lomita, CA

Our 6th Amarillo property sold in 2010.  CAP's 5-year managing and leasing plan for us to profitably sell 7 large properties consisting of 15 buildings was on target!  Our successful endeavor with Barbara and CAP has enabled us to re-invest our money in several new commercial projects.

                             Richard Fausset  (2012)
                             F&A Realty Amarillo, Ltd.
Tenants, Business Owners, Financial Institutions
"My companies have conducted business with Ms. Scroggins for 15+ years. We recently completed a lease renewal with CAP in 2008 and did so at a high level of satisfaction. CAP Commercial Realty has proven to be reliable, positive and supportive of our business relations. I highly recommend CAP for commercial property and business needs."
                                                         Don Stitt, President, DTLJ Inc.
                                                         Schlotzsky's/Cinnabon Restaurants
"The broker at CAP represented my clinic and helped me negotiate and find a good location on I-40. It was a great choice for us and our patients because of the ease of getting to the new clinic with ample parking close to the door. Since opening our doors in 2005, we have grown and increased our space three times."
                                                                 Dr. Darrell E. West, D.C.
                                                                 Spinal Aid Centers of America
"From the very first time I met CAP in 2006, they worked with me to make sure my needs were being met. The entire staff has been pleasant to work with and has acted upon my requests quickly. It is hard enough running my own business and I certainly did not want an inattentive building manager. CAP's crew has always been available when needed."
Wib Newton, Executive Director
New Hope Marriage & Family Counseling
"I have known Barbara Scroggins professionnally since 1991. Her company, CAP Commercial Realty, took over management where I office in 2005. The day-to-day operation and response to work order repairs noticeably improved and I  renewed my lease in 2009."         Jamie S. Vandivere, Attorney
"We have been at our current location three years and renewed our lease in 2009 . The property is managed and leased by CAP Commercial Realty. The people are great to work with. We have had very few problems. However, when we have a problem, we call and they send someone right over. The agents and employees are professional and take their jobs seriously. The janitorial staff does a good job of cleaning our offices. The grounds are very attractive and well kept. We highly recommend CAP to take care of your management needs."Joy Sherrod, Area Manager
The User-Friendly Phone Book
"We have regional training centers in Texas, Utah and New Mexico. CAP compiled student surveys and obtained demographics to target the right place for us to expand and relocate to a new 15,000 SF facility by January 2010. With a target zone determined, CAP obtained vital information on every possible building with ample parking in that area. CAP's RFP process helped us narrow everything down to a precise 'short list'. While working in a knowledgeable, professional and prompt manner, CAP negotiated great lease terms and saved us a lot of time and money. As a Tenant Broker, CAP made our process much easier and their fee was gladly paid by the building owner!"
Jim Tolbert, CEO, Education Futures Group, LLC
"In negotiating leases and building sales for our banks, I find CAP Commercial Realty to be very responsive to the our needs, resulting in a win-win situation."
Bob E. Williams, Corporate Properties Group  Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
"Our primary business is in the cattle feeding industry. Cargill Animal Nutrition has enjoyed incredible growth. That growth has resulted in expansions...something CAP successfully accommodated for us and the building owner."
Clint Calk, Cargill Business Development Manager
Management    Leasing     Brokerage    Maintenance
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